We can purchase your gun or gun collection as well as accept it for trade-in. We pay cash on the spot, and legally remove guns from your name, ensuring for a legal and hassle-free transfer.


  • All types and conditions

    We will quickly appraise all guns or accessories in all conditions from "very used" to "Excellent". We will always make an offer. 

  • We give you top gun broker dollar

    SGB always puts inventory above cash. Therefore, you will always receive a top industry offer from us.

  • Any size collection

    From 1 gun to 100 guns, SGB will quickly turn a quote around for any size of personal collections. The SGB motto is the more firepower the better.

  • All across America

    While SGB is located in Cincinnati, it does not stop us from appraising and making offers from collections all across the country. No matter how small or large the collection may be.

We respect you and your collection

Sometimes a personal collection of firearms can be decades of hard work, time and financial investment. Therefore, Summit Gun Broker always shows their respect to any size collection by making very generous offers for your firearms.

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