Half Stock Percussion Pennsylvania Long Rifle by S.J. Heston (Good)

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About .36 caliber. 37" octagonal barrel length. Half stock percussion rifle built by S. J. Heston. It is believed that Heston was a gunmaker who produced percussion style rifles out of Reading, Pennsylvania during the late period of long rifles (roughly 1860's through 1880's), and later relocated to Indiana. Item features a Ford Brothers percussion cap action, as well as double set triggers and fixed buckhorn and blade sights. Browned metal finish with brass accoutrements. Striped maple stock has a serpentine style brass trigger guard and butt plate with simple fret engravings to section of trigger guard. item is signed to top of barrel "S. J. Heston" and is surrounded by two wheat leaf engravings. Lock is marked "FORD BROTHERS" and features a game scene engraving. Stock has a coin silver forend cap and brass thimbles. Includes wood ramrod.

The Half stock percussion Pennsylvania long rifle you see pictured is the firearm you will receive.

Condition: Fair to good. Bore is dark. Finish is mostly with a dark grey-brow patina, surface oxidation, and pitting overall. Stock has one small crack behind rearmost thimble, scratching overall. Wood to metal fit is good overall. Action is functional

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