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Featured item this week.

Used Sig 226 or 229 40cal mags for $20.

Sig Sauer 226 CPO 40cal  $519.

Ruger Mini 30 Tacitcal   $718 NIB

Ruger 10-22 with laser sight  $219

Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer 9mm or 45acp  $699


REM. 870 RIOT GUNS & Sig Sauer 229


Again, thanks for the overwhelming response to this pile of guns. Here is the latest information I have on each listing. This is all that I know at this time. These guns will ship to us on June 8th and  should be here on the 10th. We are taking orders on the Sig Sauer 229s since they are all new guns. We are now taking orders.  Checks will not be cashed and cards will not be run until the guns get here. Shipping is $18 for handguns and $20 for long guns. Additional guns are $5. Handguns ship Priority Mail and long guns ship Fedex.

The 870 Police Mags. are all 18" barrels with rifle sights and magazine extensions. 12ga and 3" mags.  Limited to 300 guns.

The 870 Wingmastes are all 12ga (do not know if any are 3"). About 70% of them are 20 yrs old. They have 20" barrel with rifle sights. They are complete and properly functioning. They may have imperfictions such as scratches. About 1/2 have synthetic stock and the rest wood. There is 700 Wingmasters.

We will start selling the Police Mags this week since they are all the same. I can sell the Wingmasters if you are not specific as to what you want since we don't know any more then what I have told you. I will cut off sales before we get to the end to make sure we have enough.

If you mail in payment be sure to add information on what FFL to ship to. We do need a copy of their FFL to ship.

870 Wingmaster $179 Buy 10 $165

870 Police Magnums $320 Buy 10 $295.


Sorry guy, the 229s have been pulled. We are not going to receive these.



Through the month of May, get a free Sig pistol bag and two extra magazines with any centerfire 1911 or Classic Sig (220, 226, 227, 229, 239). Speak for your now while inventory is up.


Our Line of Firearms Include
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Contact us for more information on our line of firearms, including all types of guns and rifles!

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Firday 9a.m. to

All firearms have to be shipped to a dealer in your state. You will do the final paper work there. All we need is a FFL (federal firearms licence) for the dealer you want to receive it and a form of payment. FFL can be faxed or emailed. You can mail in payment or call with credit card. Cards add 3%. 

Customer Satisfaction
   At Summit Gun Broker, we are working all the time to find bigger and better deals so we provide a better selection at better prices. As most dealers know in this business there is no such thing as buy wholesale and sell retail. It  is a cut throat market. That is way we are always trying to work direct with the manufactures to cut out the middle man.
 This is why we are now rated a Master Dealer with Sig Sauer. Of course the main part of our business is working with law enfocement contracts.  We buy groups of guns large or small. From duty gun such as handguns, sniper rifles, riot guns, machine guns, and piles of evidence guns. 

   All guns are sold in compliance with ATF regulations. Firearms have to be shipped to a FFL licensed dealer. Shipping is  $18 for handguns and  $20 for long guns uless they ae extra heavy or large. Additional guns are $5. Payment can me mailed in or you can call with a credit card. Cards add 3%. There is a 3 day inspection on all used guns. New guns are backed by the factory warranty. Many of our guns come with a lifetime replacement warranty Davidsons. If you can break it they will give you another one.  

   I got my first Federal Firearms License in 1977 and have done this a long time. I don't claim to know everything about all guns but a lot of guns have passed through my hands. I will never quit learning even if I learn a  lot slower now. In the next few year I am gone to let someone else run this and I hope they will love it as much as I do. Don't think about it unless you are addicted to guns. Contact us

Hunting - Contact us for more information on our line of firearms, including all types of guns and rifles!

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